by Paul Ducklin Last week, Progress Software Corporation, which sells software and services for user interface development, devops, file management and more, alerted customers of its MOVEit Transfer and related MOVEit Cloud products about a critical vulnerability dubbed CVE-2023-34362. As the name suggests, MOVEit Transfer is a system that makes it easy to store and
A critical Zyxel vulnerability is being widely exploited by threat actors targeting the vendor’s network devices, researchers said. Trapa Security researchers initially discovered the OS command injection vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-28771. Zyxel published an advisory on April 25 disclosing the vulnerability with patches available for each of the company’s affected devices, including its firewall, VPN
A critical security threat has been discovered in the MOVEit Transfer file transfer software that would enable attackers to steal data from organizations. The zero-day vulnerability, which was uncovered by Progress last week, is an SQL injection weakness found in the managed file transfer (MFT) product.  This flaw (CVE-2023-34362) can grant escalated privileges and unauthorized
Jun 05, 2023Ravie LakshmananZero Day / Cyber Attack Microsoft has officially linked the ongoing active exploitation of a critical flaw in the Progress Software MOVEit Transfer application to a threat actor it tracks as Lace Tempest. “Exploitation is often followed by deployment of a web shell with data exfiltration capabilities,” the Microsoft Threat Intelligence team
US and South Korean security agencies have issued a joint warning regarding North Korea’s use of social engineering tactics in cyber-attacks. The document was published on Thursday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of State, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Republic of Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), the National Police
A survey of global cybersecurity leaders through the 2023 Certified CISO Hall of Fame Report commissioned by the EC-Council identified 4 primary areas of grave concern: cloud security, data security, security governance, and lack of cybersecurity talent. EC-Council, the global leader in cybersecurity education and training, released its Certified Chief Information Security Officer Hall of
YouTube was the slowest major platform to disallow misinformation during the 2020 U.S. election and almost three years later, the company will toss that policy out altogether. The company announced Friday that it would reverse its rules around election denialism, allowing some previously prohibited false claims, effective immediately. Axios first reported the changes. “In the
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Enzo Biochem, a biotechnology company renowned for producing and distributing DNA-based tests designed to identify viral and bacterial diseases, has recently confirmed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it fell victim to a ransomware attack.  The malicious cyber assault has exposed the confidential information of 2.47 million patients, including names,
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Jun 03, 2023Ravie LakshmananEndpoint Security / Linux An analysis of the Linux variant of a new ransomware strain called BlackSuit has covered significant similarities with another ransomware family called Royal. Trend Micro, which examined an x64 VMware ESXi version targeting Linux machines, said it identified an “extremely high degree of similarity” between Royal and BlackSuit.
On Monday, Apple is more than likely going to reveal its long-awaited augmented or mixed reality ‘Reality Pro’ headset during the keynote of its annual WWDC developer conference in California. It’s an announcement that has been tipped or teased for years now, and reporting on the topic has suggested that at various times, the project
A critical vulnerability in Progress Software’s MoveIt Transfer is under exploitation, according to a report from Rapid7. The zero-day vulnerability, which Progress disclosed Wednesday, is a SQL injection flaw that could lead to escalated privileges and potential unauthorized access in the managed file transfer (MFT) product. Currently, there is no patch available for the flaw,
Security researchers at ReversingLabs have discovered a novel attack that used compiled Python code to evade detection.  According to ReversingLabs reverse engineer Karlo Zanki, this could be the first instance of a supply chain attack capitalizing on the direct execution capability of Python byte code (PYC) files. The method introduces another supply chain vulnerability for
Jun 02, 2023Ravie LakshmananBotnet / Malware Spanish-speaking users in Latin America have been at the receiving end of a new botnet malware dubbed Horabot since at least November 2020. “Horabot enables the threat actor to control the victim’s Outlook mailbox, exfiltrate contacts’ email addresses, and send phishing emails with malicious HTML attachments to all addresses
Cybersecurity firm Eclypsium has uncovered a potential backdoor in Gigabyte systems, raising concerns about the security of the technology supply chain. Writing in a blog post on Wednesday, the company explained it used its automated heuristics to detect suspicious behavior within Gigabyte systems. Further analysis revealed that firmware in these systems was dropping and executing