How to find the best next-generation firewall


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Next-generation firewalls are integrated, hardware- or software-based, network security tools designed to detect and block sophisticated attacks. The NGFWs available on the market today can vary significantly from one another in many ways, including both price and the specific features provided. Choosing the best next-generation firewall requires careful study of the technology in general, and an understanding of your system’s particular needs. Choosing a next-generation firewall requires a thorough understanding of the purpose of NGFWs and how one firewall product may differ from another. NGFWs come in a variety of configurations and price ranges.

This Buyer’s Guide explains what corporate technology buyers must know before they can decide which is the best next-generation firewall for their purposes. Infosec pros and corporate executives with IT purchase responsibilities will come away from reading this guide with a clearer understanding of what an NGFW does and how to weigh the many factors to determine which product is right for their situation.

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