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Where is Your Security Management Journey Going?

Navigating security management is an ongoing process and sometimes erratic given the chaotic threat environment.  Maneuvering these often-uncharted cyber seas proves complicated and difficult. Is your cybersecurity vessel capable of sailing through tumultuous tides?

Earlier this year we set out to obtain a snapshot of where organizations (McAfee & non-McAfee customers) were in their security management capabilities and their desired solutions moving forward through commissioned global research with MSI. It would be fair to say the profile of organizations’ security management capabilities were vast from minimal security management to somewhat integrated and robust. But no matter where you ended on the spectrum, the most consistent pain point was the need to reduce complexity.

What’s alarming is that many IT and security professionals are managing cybersecurity with no management tool, thereby burdening themselves with too many consoles, multiple logins and time-consuming manual efforts.

Top Likes & Asks

The top useful management features were: (1) a holistic, integrated view from a single console, (2) the ability to manage multiple products, and (3) the capabilities to automate deployment and updates.  Future desired improvements were focused on getting the security tools to work together.

  • The desire to integrate tools is key for many (74%) with the top integrations to be with endpoint, server and threat intelligence. And the noted perceived value of integration would be 20% savings in time.
  • Over 77% want automation of repeatable tasks noting a time savings of 25%.
  • 77% want tools to orchestrate between each other.
  • 84% want an advanced dashboard to provide their current security posture.

And if these features are not available it would give reason to replace their current security management with a single management console that includes these capabilities.

Is this your top requests list?

All these features make sense.  Cybersecurity threats have evolved requiring specialized prevention, detection and remediation techniques and tools.  This has created a tools sprawl and isolated technologies with separate management consoles working in silos to accomplish a security function.  At times this leaves a gap where pertinent context is left out or opens another doorway for the attacker.  You have separate sophisticated tools to find advance threats.  You have separate tools to enforce security policy across your enterprise whether it’s updating security software to address the latest threat, changing a data policy or tools to exclusively protect your cloud environment.  Managing many disparate security tools is daunting.  Good news, your tool chest is chuck full but are they working together as a unified security front with no gaps? These wish list items will get you closer to have your security tools working together.

Wishes Do Come True

We are pleased to note that McAfee ePO™ meets these top feature asks and desired improvements. McAfee ePo is a single console security management solution that manages multiple products and automates security policy enforcement across your entire enterprise.  To drive the working together there are over 150 3rd party integrations and ePO manages the data exchange layer (DXL), the communication layer that shares threat intelligence, alerts and triggers actions to resolve.  And to top it off, ePO is now available in a couple of deployment options: on-premise, ePO on AWS as IaaS or MVISION ePO as SaaS.

McAfee ePO is a proven security management solution with nearly 40,000 customers. It continues to evolve as the cybersecurity landscapes changes.   Don’t just hear it from us—let our customers do the talking. Check out below what an Insurance company says about McAfee and McAfee ePO.

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