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McAfee Database Security in Rapid Deployment Mode

Location independent – speed is everything

Deploying any software into the enterprise has always been a race against time. Every time someone has to manually install software, valuable time for business critical tasks is lost. Ever since the cloud became more than just something for start-up, fast paced companies, the focus of a speedy deployment has increased.

To deploy endpoint related software quickly and seamlessly you may have to use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or something similar.

Then, there is software that requires more configuration which generally is a manual process to setup all the required additional services and dependencies; or, in many cases, these are baked into virtual machines (VM) for easy deployment.

Plus, VMs, as practical as they might be, have their own challenges. Often, the overhead created by deploying multiple VMs is considerable, creating a new set of VMs even from templates is generally not what would be considered fast and is impractical for environments requiring rapid deploy and destroy cycles.

The cloud has proven what rapid deployment should look like. New resources are created within a few minutes and are always only a few clicks away. Scalable application services, VM’s, backend databases, everything is easy to roll out and get into production.

Introducing Containers

Container deployments have been around for a number of years, but they have been increasing in popularity over recent years especially in the cloud. It’s easy to see why. Containers are ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight and ultra-fast to deploy.

This lends itself to environments where rapid deployment is a must have. Most cloud platform providers have introduced support for their own container environments. Simple, fast push button deployments in both, the cloud and on premise are becoming ever more popular.

With this in mind McAfee Database Security has recently introduced its offering in a containerized version, both as a Docker image as well as through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Not only is this the first security software as a container on Azure’s Marketplace it also underlines the clear direction McAfee Database Security has, providing one set of controls no matter of the location for the monitoring of Databases. This allows for fast and easy deployment of the Database Security solution without the need to go through lengthy install processes.

Take a look at what I had to say at this year’s Microsoft’s Ignite Conference on our recent McAfee Database Security container release:

More information on McAfee Database Security in the Azure Marketplace can be found here, and don’t forget to take a look at the product page.

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