Month: December 2018

While the thought of a machine that can squirt out endless ropes of molten glass is a bit frightening, the folks at MIT have just about perfected the process. In a paper published in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, researchers Chikara Inamura, Michael Stern, Daniel Lizardo, Peter Houk, and Neri Oxman describe a system for
Jake Chapman Contributor More posts by this contributor Driving the new American century Specialization, Polymaths And The Pareto Principle In A Convergence Economy Colin Kroll, was the co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, both consumer sensations that brought joy to millions; Anthony Bourdain, had been a chef, journalist and philosopher, who brought understanding and connectedness
The agency at the helm of Singapore’s digital services, the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech Singapore), announced that Singapore will be working with security researchers over the course of three weeks on a bug bounty program intended to further protect Singapore citizens and help secure public-facing government systems. Singapore has established multiple cyber initiatives
by Maria Varmazis Intrusions into your Twitter account might range from mild annoyance, to a serious PR fail, to an international political gaffe. Regardless of how you use it, there’s no need to make it easier for someone who wants to hijack your Twitter account. It’s quite easy to improve the security of your Twitter
Chinese internet giant Tencent has been excluded from the first batch of video game license approvals issued by the state-run government since March. China regulators approved Saturday the released of 80 online video games after a months-long freeze, Reuters first reported. None of the approved titles listed on the approval list were from Tencent Holdings, the
Nearly 20,000 Orange modems are being targeted thanks to a vulnerability leaking their SSID and Wi-Fi passwords, researchers at Bad Packets have warned. The firm’s honeypots first picked up the attack traffic targeting Orange Livebox ADSL modems. After conducting a simple Shodan search, chief research officer, Troy Mursch found 19,490 such devices leaking their Wi-Fi credentials
2018 has been a rough year for China’s bike-sharing giants. Alibaba-backed Ofo pulled out of dozens of international cities as it fought with a severe cash crunch. Tencent-backed Mobike puts a brake on expansion after it was sold to neighborhood services provider Meituan Dianping. But one newcomer is pedaling against the wind. Hellobike, currently the country’s
2018 was an eventful year for all of us at McAfee. It was full of discovery, innovation, and progress—and we’re thrilled to have seen it all come to fruition. Before we look ahead to what’s in the pipeline for 2019, let’s take a look back at all the progress we’ve made this year and see how McAfee
by Lisa Vaas About 11,000 passengers are crammed into Gatwick Airport, their flights grounded since last night as a drone operator repeatedly flew two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) close to the runway. Flights can’t take off or land until it’s safe to do so, and that can’t happen until police find the operator. Gatwick, a
Appropriately dubbed the ‘Global Stage for Innovation,’ it’s no wonder CES showcases the most cutting-edge consumer technologies coming out in the year ahead. No topic is off the table; Attendees will learn more about connected homes, smart cities and self-driving cars, try out shiny new digital health wearables, headsets, and other connected tech, explore AI-driven
Earlier today, when Instagram suddenly transformed into a landscape oriented Tinder-esque nightmare, the app’s dedicated users extremely lost their minds and immediately took to Twitter to be vocal about it. As we reported, the company admitted that the abrupt shift from Instagram’s well-established vertical scrolling was a mistake. The mea culpa came quickly enough, but
In response to the issues of data privacy questions that have erupted in the aftermath of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytical scandal, a startup, FigLeaf, co-founded by CEO Slava Kolomeichuk and CRO Yuriy Dvoinos, is developing an app that will help users understand how their personal information has been affected. The new app is slated for use
The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday indicted two Chinese nationals accused of cyberattacks around the world in association with the Chinese state-sponsored hacking group known as APT10. The two individuals, Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong, were indicted on several charges in connection with cyberattacks and intellectual property (IP) theft, including conspiracy to commit computer
Southern University celebrated a first in its history with the graduation of Davonne Franklin, 22, a member of the Army National Guard who was the school’s first ever cybersecurity graduate. Franklin enrolled in the ROTC and attended Southern University after graduating from McKinley High in Baton Rouge. When he completed his basic training, he returned
by Lisa Vaas Nagging text messages help smokers to quit, Chinese researchers have found. In a clinical trial carried out across various cities and provinces in China, they pulled in 1,369 people (mostly men) who agreed to join a smoking-cessation program. Then, they divided them into three groups: subjects who received five text messages/day, those