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What should you do with your old devices

Disposal of old tech requires thought and effort and the need to cleanse the device of any personal data is just one of the concerns

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday gifts or the New Year sales mean that you may be lucky enough to be in possession of a shiny new phone, laptop, tablet or a games console.

If, like me, you move directly to the new device and the old one gets discarded to the back of a drawer where old tech resides and gathers dust. I recently undertook the painful task of decluttering, which involved clearing out the collection of old tech and safely disposing of it.

Disposal of old tech requires thought and effort: the need to cleanse the device of any personal data, consider whether to pass it on, is it recyclable, the complexity of disposal is probably a factor in why the devices get put in the drawer and left.

What are the considerations and actions needed to pass on or dispose of devices safely?

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