Should you pull your smart plug?

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While some may think, “why would I need my toaster to connect to the internet,” smart home devices continue to become more and more popular. In fact, a recent study by Intel found that by 2025, 71% of Americans will have at least one smart device in their home. For many that aren’t ready to replace their favorite “dumb” appliances, smart plugs are an easy and affordable way to connect anything. But, do they leave your virtual “front door” wide open for cybercriminals? 

In the latest episode of “Hackable?” our host Geoff Siskind and the team investigate just how risky smart plugs are for homeowners. Can just one weak link compromise your entire home network? To find out, Geoff invites a white-hat to hack the smart plug in his studio. Learn if your smart home and devices are at risk.      

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