Month: October 2019

Kepler Communications, the Toronto-based startup that’s focused on developing and deploying shoebox-sized satellites to provide telecommunications services, is opening up registration for those interested in getting their first developer kits. These developer kits, designed to help potential commercial customers take advantage of its Internet of Things (IoT) narrowband connectivity deploying next year, will then be
Another day, another massive data breach—this time affecting a leading web technology company, as well as both of its subsidiaries, from where millions of customers around the world have purchased domain names for their websites. The world’s top domain registrars, Network Solutions, and disclosed a security breach that may have resulted in the
A cost-effective way to detect targeted attacks in your enterprise While it is easy to get caught up in the many waves of new and exciting protection strategies, we have recently discovered an interesting approach to detect a targeted attack and the related actor(s). Quite surprisingly, a big part of the solution already exists in
Attacks on integrity using AI and deepfakes, deployment of anti-surveillance technology and govermment interest in cybersecurity issues will be the main changes to the security industry next year, according to Forrester.  The analyst firm’s 2020 predictions claimed that “integrity attacks” such as deepfakes will go on to “cost businesses over a quarter of a billion
Cybersecurity is perhaps the single greatest threat to any organization today. While hardly a new challenge, the proliferation of systems, data, cloud technologies, apps, devices and distributed endpoints has only exacerbated cybersecurity threats. Organizations must work harder than ever to safeguard their assets and customers. This goes beyond automating reactive measures. It now requires infosec
Denny’s signed an agreement with the plant based food manufacturer, Beyond Meat, to use Beyond’s meat replacement in a new menu item — the Denny’s Beyond Burger. Beyond Meat and its largest rival, Impossible Foods, are engaged in a fierce competition to provide meat alternatives to some of the nation’s largest food companies, but increasingly
Speaking on the opening day of the ninth annual (ISC)² conference in Orlando, Florida, cyber-risk strategist Chris Veltsos said that CISOs need to change their mindset when it comes to communication.  Veltsos, aka Dr.InfoSec, said CISOs are bamboozling boards with “techno babble” and failing to explain in real terms what could happen to a business
Mobile carriers in the United States will finally offer a universal cross-carrier communication standard for the next-generation RCS messaging service that is meant to replace SMS and has the potential to change the way consumers interact with brands for years to come. All major United States mobile phone carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, have
Weave, a developer of patient communications software focused on the dental and optometry market, was the first Utah-headquartered company to graduate from Y Combinator in 2014. Now, it’s poised to enter a small but growing class startups in the ‘Silicon Slopes’ to garner ‘unicorn’ status. The business announced a $70 million Series D last week
by Danny Bradbury If you don’t believe that you could ever fall victim to a social engineering attack, take heed. Last week, a mobile healthcare application vendor reportedly fell victim to a scam that saw criminals send fraudulent mails to everyone in a director’s account. Online criminals launched a cyberattack on healthcare app company Evergreen