Month: January 2022

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has drawn up a 100-day game plan to help protect the nation’s water systems from cyber-attacks. The Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative – Water and Wastewater Sector Action Plan focuses on high-impact acts that can be performed within 100 days to improve cybersecurity across the water sector. Strategies detailed in
Welcome to my new weekly fintech-focused column. It’s an incredible time to be a financial technology journalist. Besides the fact that over 20% of all venture dollars last year went into fintech startups, I am particularly excited about the many ways that this technology is helping boost inclusion all over the world. While this pandemic
APIs are the core of modern application architecture and provide access to an organization’s data and resources. This makes them an attractive target for hackers. API weaknesses and vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access, data manipulation and loss, and malware installation and can even negatively affect other applications and organizations using those APIs. Protecting APIs
New research from managed detection and response (MDR) provider Expel found that most ransomware attacks in 2021 were self-installed.  The finding was included in the company’s inaugural annual report on cybersecurity trends and predictions, Great eXpeltations, published on Thursday.  Researchers found eight out of ten ransomware infections occurred after victims unwittingly opened a zipped file containing malicious
2021 was a year peppered by cyberattacks, with numerous data breaches happening. Not only that, but ransomware has also become a prominent player in the hackers’ world. Now, more than ever, it’s important for enterprises to step up cybersecurity measures. They can do this through several pieces of technology, such as an open-source security platform
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a Private Industry Notice on protecting against malicious activity by Iranian cyber company Emennet Pasargad (formerly known as Eeleyanet Gostar). Two Iranian nationals employed by the company were indicted on October 20 2021 by a grand jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York
He Huang Contributor He Huang is a partner at Northern Light Venture Capital supporting early-stage enterprise companies. It’s been a tumultuous few years, but China’s manufacturing industry is now on the rebound. Once an industry characterized by low-end manufacturing and intensive labor, it has transformed into a high-end manufacturing hub aided by technology. Automation and
Microsoft has disclosed details of a large-scale, multi-phase phishing campaign that uses stolen credentials to register devices on a victim’s network to further propagate spam emails and widen the infection pool. The tech giant said the attacks manifested through accounts that were not secured using multi-factor authentication (MFA), thereby making it possible for the adversary
African cities, particularly sub-Saharan ones, have the fastest global urban growth rate. But with challenges around overcrowding, congestion, infrastructure, power and poor governance, these cities are maxed out in what they can provide to the average African living in urban environments. Some experts think charter cities offer a solution. They are granted a special jurisdiction
Florida is seeking to outlaw the malicious distribution of sexually explicit images without the subject’s consent.  New legislation advanced in the Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday aims to curb the unauthorized digital trafficking of real and deepfake lewd content and establish new regulations around revenge porn. Senate Bill 1798, introduced by senator Lauren Book, would prohibit someone from knowingly, willfully
Researchers at Johns Hopkins this week issued a report noting that their Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) system has completed laparoscopic surgery on a pig tissue without human guidance. The surgery, which involves the connecting of two instestinal ends, was performed successfully on animals, with a “significantly better” result than those performed by humans, per
Researchers from the Bitdefender Mobile Threats team said they have intercepted more than 100,000 malicious SMS messages attempting to distribute Flubot malware since the beginning of December. “Findings indicate attackers are modifying their subject lines and using older yet proven scams to entice users to click,” the Romanian cybersecurity firm detailed in a report published
Data centers are on the front line of the growing battle to control and prevent ransomware attacks. Attacks on data centers have evolved into triple extortion threats — which involve accessing data, encrypting it and threatening to release vulnerable IP — because they have specific vulnerabilities that individual PCs do not. In the past, ransomware
The National Security Agency has announced the winning entry to its ninth annual Best Cybersecurity Research Paper Competition. The winning paper was written by Yanyi Liu from Cornell University and Rafael Pass, professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech. It expounded a theorem that relates the existence of one-way functions (OWFs) to a measurement of the complexity of a string of
Hong Kong pro-democracy radio station website compromised to serve a Safari exploit that installed cyberespionage malware on site visitors’ Macs On November 11th, Google TAG published a blogpost about watering-hole attacks leading to exploits for the Safari web browser running on macOS. ESET researchers had been investigating this campaign the week before that publication, uncovering