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Gucci x Oura launch a $950 smart ring to help you discover yourself

It’s a common problem among the superwealthy. Sure they can buy fancy clothes, jewelry and fast cars, but at the end of the day, they’re stuck using the same boring gadgets as the rest of us. How can they possibly extend their expensive and flashy taste to consumer electronics?

Fortunately, from the bedazzled Nokias of Vertu to Apple’s $1,300 Hermès Watch, hardware makers have been more than happy to cater to extremely expensive tastes. It’s a proud tradition that Oura is furthering with a new Gucci collaboration. The pair are releasing an ostentatious edition of the popular wearable.

Image Credits: Oura

Gucci x Oura Ring is, effectively, an Oura 3 ring featuring the designer’s logo and a braided torchon detailed in 18-karat yellow gold, running along the outside of the band. The ring itself is made from black PVD-coated titanium — it’s similar to this ring here, trading some of the gemstones out for Oura’s sleep and fitness tracking sensors.

Here’s some copy from the release:

The vision of both brands is brought to life in a dynamic campaign that showcases the ring’s highly personalized and responsive capability through a playful time-loop storyline expressed through photographic stills and a video with the tagline, “A journey of self-discovery.” The narrative follows a central character’s fast-paced daily routine and highlights how she maximizes her day with the ring and app’s guidance.

Oura ring and charger

Image Credits: Oura

Said journey of self-discovery will run you $950. Given how I often suggested the Oura Ring’s $300 barrier to more mainstream adoption, I’m probably going to sit this one out. The upshot here is that Oura’s tossing in a lifetime subscription to its service. The company caused waves a while back when it announced that it would be paywalling some insights behind a premium membership. So, really you can say this is more of an investment than anything.

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