Month: June 2022

Samsung Electronics said Thursday it has kicked off mass production of 3-nanometer chips, becoming the first company to do so globally, as it aims to beat Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, or TSMC, the world’s most advanced foundry chipmaker. Samsung said it’s using gate-all-around (GAA) transistor architecture, which allows these first-generation 3-nm chips to have 16%
War in Europe, a reminder for shared service centers and shoring operations to re-examine IT security posture European business leadership, especially CISOs, CTOs, and chief data officers (CDOs), are adjusting to the fact that the war in Ukraine is a war in Europe and has global implications. Sanctions, military aid, and even incoming refugees are
Shared micromobility company Bird’s board of directors has appointed Shane Torchiana as president of the company, replacing the company’s CEO and founder Travis VanderZanden. The new roles will begin effective June 29, per a regulatory filing. VanderZanden, who previously served as the chief operating officer (COO) at ride-hailing company Lyft, will stay on as CEO
A leading UK producer of frozen ready meals has revealed its systems are currently down after experiencing a serious cyber-attack. Wiltshire Farm Foods said on Sunday that it is “currently experiencing severe difficulties” with its computer systems. “If you are expecting a delivery this week (w/c 27th June) or have other concerns, please contact your
by Paul Ducklin Sadly, over the years, we’ve needed to write numerous Naked Security warnings about romance scammers and sextortionists. Although those are general-sounding terms, they’ve come to refer to two specific sorts of online crime: Romance scamming. This typically refers to a long-game confidence trick in which cybercriminals court your online friendship under a
Cybersecurity researchers from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 disclosed details of a new security flaw affecting Microsoft’s Service Fabric that could be exploited to obtain elevated permissions and seize control of all nodes in a cluster. The issue, which has been dubbed FabricScape (CVE-2022-30137), could be exploited on containers that are configured to have runtime
Property technology has radically impacted the way we live and travel, but the real estate industry has successfully resisted most attempts to innovate. Prospective homeowners can qualify for mortgages from their mobile phones, but until there are more companies to help them find affordable housing or adequately plan for the largest purchase they’ll ever make,
An unidentified hacker group has stolen more than $100m from Californian cryptocurrency firm Harmony. The company made the announcement last Thursday in a Twitter thread, saying they had identified a theft occurring on the Horizon bridge amounting to approximately $100m. “We have begun working with national authorities and forensic specialists to identify the culprit and retrieve the
by Paul Ducklin Another day, another De-Fi (decentralised finance) attack. This time, online smart contract company Harmony, which pitches itself as an “open and fast blockchain”, has been robbed of more than $80,000,000’s worth of Ether cryptocoins. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your point of view), if visit Harmony’s website, you’ll probably end up totally
Crypto exchange FTX is open to partnering with Robinhood Markets, its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said in a statement shared with TechCrunch. Bloomberg News reported earlier that people familiar with the matter said FTX was exploring opportunities to acquire Robinhood, but Bankman-Fried denied those claims. “We are excited about Robinhood’s business prospects and potential ways we
Global plastic waste has more than doubled, and 40 percent of that waste comes from packaging. Luckily there are no shortage of sustainable packaging startups in Europe. Just take a look: Circleback (Germany), Recup (Germany), Sourceful (UK), one • five (Germany), Shellworks (UK), Woola (Estonia), Papkot (France), Biotic (Israel), FunCell (France) and Traceless (Germany). The
Rights groups are celebrating after winning a “landmark” legal case against the UK government over its controversial Investigatory Powers Bill. The 2016 law, also known as the Snoopers’ Charter, introduced one of the most draconian surveillance regimes of any Western democracy, despite strong public opposition. Among other things, it required telecoms and internet service providers
A week after it emerged that a sophisticated mobile spyware dubbed Hermit was used by the government of Kazakhstan within its borders, Google said it has notified Android users of infected devices. Additionally, necessary changes have been implemented in Google Play Protect — Android’s built-in malware defense service — to protect all users, Benoit Sevens
Secure software development is often interpreted as secure coding practices, such as using code that properly validates input and handles errors. While those are important, there are many other secure software development practices to also follow. NIST’s Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) version 1.1 is a technology-neutral set of secure software development practices based on
The second day of InfoSecurity Europe 2022 saw Geoff White, investigative journalist and author of Penguin Books’ The Lazarus Heist, discuss how government-sponsored cyber-attackers increasingly interact with organized crime gangs, operating seamlessly on a global scale. White also touched upon the emerging world of cryptocurrency theft. In illuminating the increasing connection between cybersecurity and geopolitical
In today’s connected world, you can do so much on the internet. It’s never been easier to stay entertained (Netflix, anyone?), informed, and productive. But it’s important to keep your online activities private and safe, whether you’re checking social media, using a streaming service, or banking online.   With the right solutions, you can have a