Month: July 2022

Cybersecurity solutions provider Emsisoft has released a free decryption tool to enable AstraLocker and Yashma ransomware victims to recover their files without paying a ransom. The company made the announcement in a series of Twitter posts earlier today, providing a download link and related instructions for the tool. “The AstraLocker decryptor is for the Babuk-based one using .Astra or .babyk extension, and they
Cybersecurity researchers are drawing attention to an ongoing wave of attacks linked to a threat cluster tracked as Raspberry Robin that’s behind a Windows malware with worm-like capabilities. Describing it as a “persistent” and “spreading” threat, Cybereason said it observed a number of victims in Europe. The infections involve a worm that propagates over removable
Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week, we looked at Solana’s smartphone and the post-Apple tech industry. This week, we’re looking at a web3 without Big Tech. To get this in your inbox every Thursday, you can subscribe on TechCrunch’s newsletter page. no trillionaires allowed Unlike other moonshot tech categories, it’s become increasingly clear that
A fake LinkedIn job offer was the reason behind Axie Infinity’s $600m hack, according to a new investigation by The Block. The digital assets-focused outlet said on Wednesday that while the US government attributed the attack to the North Korean hacker group Lazarus, full details of how the exploit was executed had not been disclosed.  The Block said that according
A newly observed phishing campaign is leveraging the recently disclosed Follina security vulnerability to distribute a previously undocumented backdoor on Windows systems. “Rozena is a backdoor malware that is capable of injecting a remote shell connection back to the attacker’s machine,” Fortinet FortiGuard Labs researcher Cara Lin said in a report this week. Tracked as
Avoiding a costly social engineering attack often requires employees to spot suspicious emails before threat actors request sensitive information or access. Cofense Intelligence published new research Thursday that showed most business email compromise (BEC) scams can be thwarted in their initial stages when the attackers are not asking for money or a transfer of funds.
Chinese APT groups are increasingly targeting Russian organizations following the war in Ukraine, according to research by SentinelLabs. The latest investigation indicated that a Chinese state-sponsored cyber espionage group launched a “cluster” of phishing emails to deliver remote access Trojan (RAT) malware, most commonly Bisonal, against Russian targets in recent weeks. SentinelLabs researchers attributed this threat
“Frequent” investigations into local units of Chinese firms by Indian authorities “impedes the improvement of business environment” in India and “chills the confidence and willingness” of other foreign nation’s businesses to invest and operate in the South Asian market, China’s embassy in India said in a statement, following raids into Vivo offices earlier this week.
Cisco on Wednesday rolled out patches for 10 security flaws spanning multiple products, one of which is rated Critical in severity and could be weaponized to conduct absolute path traversal attacks. The issues, tracked as CVE-2022-20812 and CVE-2022-20813, affect Cisco Expressway Series and Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) and “could allow a remote attacker
India’s anti-money laundering agency raided more than 40 offices of Chinese phone-maker Vivo across the country on Tuesday over allegations of money laundering, the latest in a series of developments illustrating the growing murky relationship between New Delhi and firms of China origin. The Enforcement Directorate searched Vivo’s offices across the states of Uttar Pradesh,
In the spirit of #PrideMonth, McAfee hosted month-long celebrations across the world. One of these was a live event hosted by the McAfee Pride Community with a guest speaker from the Resource Center that focused on the history of Pride, support, allyship, and belonging. We took a moment to ask our event guest speaker, Leslie