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Cybersecurity trends and challenges to look out for in 2023

What are some of the key cybersecurity trends and themes that organizations should have on their radars in 2023?

As another eventful year comes to a close, it’s time not only to take stock of and reflect on the defining moments of 2022, but especially to look ahead to the challenges that are likely to persist or emerge in the new year.

The increasing geopolitical complexity, upheaval and uncertainty, along with high economic volatility and escalating cyberthreats, highlight the need for robust cybersecurity strategies and show why cybersecurity, too, needs to be at the top of corporate agendas.

So, it behooves us to ask, what are some of the key cybersecurity themes that organizations need to have on their radars in 2023?

In this video, ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe reviews trends like:

  • the increasing cost of ransomware attacks along with a surge in ransomware-related payments
  • changes in cyber-insurance and what they will mean for organizations
  • the blurring of the boundaries between work and play as described in detail in the Cybersecurity Trends 2023 report
  • how a relaxed work environment improves productivity but may increase cybersecurity risks

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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