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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will capture 3D ‘spatial videos’ for the Apple Vision Pro

Apple announced today it has a new iPhone feature that will tie into its brand-new mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. With the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro, you’ll now be able to capture what Apple is calling “spatial videos.” The company says these videos will allow you to relive your memories in a new way on the Vision Pro.

To create the videos, Apple says it’s using the ultra-wide and main cameras together to create a three-dimensional video. The idea is that it will be easier for people to capture videos using the phone they have with them all the time, instead of some separate device, so they won’t miss recording a special moment. In the example Apple provided, the company used the iPhone 15 Pro to record a family’s beach vacation.

Spatial video lets you feel like you’re right back to that moment in time, the company explained during its iPhone event in Cupertino.

Plus, users will be able to share these new spatial videos with anyone who also has an Apple Vision Pro so they could feel like they were there, too when watching them back.

The company didn’t go into deep technical details about how the spatial video recording process works or the viewing and sharing experience on the Vision Pro, instead only teasing the capabilities as something planned for the future.

The ability to capture spatial video will be available later this year, Apple said.

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