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Threads adds easy profile switching to its mobile apps

Meta-owned Twitter rival Threads has finally added a way to switch between multiple accounts without logging out.

The social networking app announced Thursday that users can now swap accounts on its mobile apps by long pressing on the profile icon in the bottom right. Users can tap on the “Add profile” option after the long press to add a new profile.

This makes it easier for users to switch between work and personal profiles. Instagram head Adam Mosseri didn’t specify if there was a limit on the number of accounts you can add to the profile-switching feature.

Threads profile switching

Threads is rolling out a profile-switching feature on its mobile apps Image Credits: Threads/Adam Mosseri

Interestingly, the text-based social networking app’s profile feature was announced on the same day as Facebook enabling people to have multiple personal profiles on the Blue app.

More than three months after its launch, Threads is chugging away by launching new features. Late last month, it started testing full-text search features in New Zealand and Australia. Earlier this month, the company launched the search functionality globally.

In September, Threads also rolled out features such as turning on notifications for 24 hours for a particular post and the ability to quote posts on the web.

Threads’ rivals are also shipping features in a competitive social media landscape. Earlier this week, Mastodon introduced version 4.2 release with improved search for profiles and posts, automatic quick action suggestions in the search box, a new web interface with better thread indicators and article previews, and a new Privacy and Reach settings tab.

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