Month: November 2023

North Korean hackers have reportedly stolen a total of $3bn in cryptocurrency since 2017, as revealed in a recent report by Recorded Future’s Insikt Group.  The revelation underscores the prolonged engagement of the regime in the cryptocurrency sector, transitioning from targeting financial institutions through the SWIFT network to a broader strategy during the 2017 cryptocurrency
Nov 30, 2023NewsroomMachine Learning / Email Security Google has revealed a new multilingual text vectorizer called RETVec (short for Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer) to help detect potentially harmful content such as spam and malicious emails in Gmail. “RETVec is trained to be resilient against character-level manipulations including insertion, deletion, typos, homoglyphs, LEET substitution, and
While Okta initially confirmed that a support case management system breach affected only 1% of its customers, further analysis revealed that threat actors accessed information for all customers and some Okta employees. Last month, Okta CSO David Bradbury confirmed that attackers used stolen credentials to infiltrate the vendor’s support case management system and view troubleshooting
Threat actors have been observed exploiting a critical vulnerability, CVE-2023-46604, in Apache systems.  Over the past few weeks, Fortiguard Labs identified multiple threat actors leveraging this vulnerability to unleash several malware strains. Among the discoveries is the emergence of a newly discovered Golang-based botnet named GoTitan. This sophisticated botnet has raised concerns due to its ability
Nov 29, 2023NewsroomCyber Attack / Hacking The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) revealed that it’s responding to a cyber attack that involved the active exploitation of Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to target the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa in western Pennsylvania. The attack has been attributed to an Iranian-backed hacktivist collective known
Security researchers have uncovered the continuation and expansion of an Android mobile banking Trojan campaign targeting major Iranian banks.  Initially discovered in July 2023, the campaign has not only persisted but has also evolved with enhanced capabilities, according to a new report by Zimperium malware analysts Aazim Bill SE Yaswant and Vishnu Pratapagiri. A prior
Nov 28, 2023The Hacker NewsData Security / Posture Management As cloud technology evolves, so does the challenge of securing sensitive data. In a world where data duplication and sprawl are common, organizations face increased risks of non-compliance and unauthorized data breaches. Sentra’s DSPM (Data Security Posture Management) emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering continuous discovery
Nov 27, 2023NewsroomServer Security / Encryption A new study has demonstrated that it’s possible for passive network attackers to obtain private RSA host keys from a vulnerable SSH server by observing when naturally occurring computational faults that occur while the connection is being established. The Secure Shell (SSH) protocol is a method for securely transmitting
CISA announced that it’s relaunching the Cybersecurity Insurance and Data Analysis Working Group amid surging cyber insurance premiums and an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. In a blog post Monday, CISA Deputy Director Nitin Natarajan revealed that the agency reestablished the Cybersecurity Insurance and Data Analysis Working Group (CIDAWG) initiative last week during a conference on
Security researchers have warned of triple-digit increase in the volume of phishing emails designed to trick shoppers, ahead of the Black Friday online sales bonanza which starts today. For the past few years, the Amazon-inspired event has signaled the unofficial start of the busy shopping season running through to the end of December. However, it
Nov 25, 2023NewsroomData Security / Vulnerability The maintainers of the open-source file-sharing software ownCloud have warned of three critical security flaws that could be exploited to disclose sensitive information and modify files. A brief description of the vulnerabilities is as follows – Disclosure of sensitive credentials and configuration in containerized deployments impacting graphapi versions from
Video ESET’s research team reveals details about the onboarding process of the Telekopye scam operation and the various methods that the fraudsters use to defraud people online 24 Nov 2023 How do aspiring fraudsters become members of a scam operation that helps them defraud people on online marketplaces? ESET researchers recently discovered and analyzed Telekopye,
Security researchers have found a way to bypass the popular Windows Hello fingerprint authentication technology, after discovering multiple vulnerabilities. Microsoft’s Offensive Research and Security Engineering (MORSE) asked Blackwing Intelligence to evaluate the security of the top three fingerprint sensors embedded in laptops. The firm studied a Dell Inspiron 15, a Lenovo ThinkPad T14 and a Microsoft
Nov 25, 2023NewsroomCyber Attack / Threat Intelligence An unspecified government entity in Afghanistan was targeted by a previously undocumented web shell called HrServ in what’s suspected to be an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack. The web shell, a dynamic-link library (DLL) named “hrserv.dll,” exhibits “sophisticated features such as custom encoding methods for client communication and