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Microsoft is warning that the BlackCat ransomware crew is leveraging exploits for unpatched Exchange server vulnerabilities to gain access to targeted networks. Upon gaining an entry point, the attackers swiftly moved to gather information about the compromised machines, followed by carrying out credential theft and lateral movement activities, before harvesting intellectual property and dropping the
Free VPN software provider BeanVPN has reportedly left almost 20GB of connection logs accessible to the public, according to an investigation by Cybernews. The cache of 18.5GB connection logs allegedly contained more than 25 million records, which included user device and Play Service IDs, connection timestamps, IP addresses and more. Cybernews said it found the
Kenya-based Crossboundary Energy Access (CBEA), a mini-grid infrastructure fund, has raised $25 million from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited, Bank of America, and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund to back renewable energy projects across the continent. The CBEA, a subsidiary of the investment group Crossboundary, said in a statement that the new funding will unlock an
A new strain of Android malware has been spotted in the wild targeting online banking and cryptocurrency wallet customers in Spain and Italy, just weeks after a coordinated law enforcement operation dismantled FluBot. The information stealing trojan, codenamed MaliBot by F5 Labs, is as feature-rich as its counterparts, allowing it to steal credentials and cookies,
A new report by Telstra Purple’s security forum ClubCISO suggested material security has significantly improved over the last year, driven by a positive shift in organizational influence by chief information security officers (CISOs). The survey analyzed the answers of more than 100 information security executives from private and public organizations worldwide. The majority (54%) said that “no material
Microsoft officially released fixes to address an actively exploited Windows zero-day vulnerability known as Follina as part of its Patch Tuesday updates. Also addressed by the tech giant are 55 other flaws, three of which are rated Critical, 51 are rated Important, and one is rated Moderate in severity. Separately, five other shortcomings were resolved
How erring on the side of privacy might ultimately save you from chasing down a virtual rendition of you doing the bidding of a scammer At the RSA Conference 2022, the techno-geekery center of the security universe, the halls once more pulse with herds of real aching-feet attendees slurping up whatever promises to be the
Tenable Research has called out Microsoft for a lack of transparency when it comes to cloud vulnerability disclosures. On March 10, Tenable reported two privilege escalation vulnerabilities that affected the “underlying infrastructure” of Azure Synapse Analytics to Microsoft. Exploitation of the flaws could potentially lead to a compromise of other Microsoft customers’ data, Tenable warned.
A technically sophisticated threat actor known as SeaFlower has been targeting Android and iOS users as part of an extensive campaign that mimics official cryptocurrency wallet websites intending to distribute backdoored apps that drain victims’ funds. Said to be first discovered in March 2022, the cluster of activity “hint[s] to a strong relationship with a
Technology is understandably viewed as a nuisance to be managed in pursuit of the health organizations’ primary mission For understandable reasons, health delivery organizations center their focus on helping sick people, rather than on fiddling with information technology. Technology is seen as frictional annoyance to be managed in pursuit of their primary goal, so it
There has been much activity in recent years around the use of blockchain to provide more integrity and privacy to transactions, but there are some privacy issues organizations need to know about. In a session at the RSA Conference 2022, Jim Amsler, director governance, risk and compliance, at BDO and Greg Schu, partner, national compliance lead,
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The great thing about the internet is that there’s room for everyone. The not-so-great part? There’s plenty of room for cybercriminals who are hungry to get their hands on our personal information.   Fortunately, internet scams don’t have to be a part of your online experience. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the