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Economic headwinds have scattered many of the gains that fintech companies made during the tech funding boom of 2021. Case in point — global payment platforms Stripe and lowered their internal valuations. Still, it would be unwise to count out the opportunities for fintech growth, especially in the U.S. Understanding the current and future
The majority of Vietnam’s population live in rural areas and often lack access to financial services because banks and other institutions open most of their physical locations in cities. MFast wants to change that with what it says is the leading financial services distribution network in Vietnam. The company announced today it has raised $6
Chinese electric vehicle upstart Xpeng is acquiring the smart EV assets of Didi, China’s ride hailing giant, marking another significant alliance that the Tesla challenge has struck in recent months. In an announcement on Monday, Didi said the duo is forming a strategic partnership to “promote the global application of smart electric vehicles and technologies.”
Memes can happen in the blink of an eye, like a Jeopardy! contestant who accidentally makes a sexual innuendo under the pressure of stage lights, or a kid who randomly gets interviewed on a playground and professes his undying love for America’s most plentiful crop, corn. But as soon as we knew former President Donald
Reddit is launching the “Mod Helper Program” to reward moderators who offer helpful advice to other moderators, along with an updated moderator help center.  The announcement comes amid growing discontent among the site’s moderators, many of whom relied on third-party apps that have since been shut down because of Reddit’s API pricing. Moderators have asked
MrBeast stumbled into the heated discourse of global affairs in his latest stunt. The billionaire creator inadvertently stoked generations of geopolitical tension in his latest YouTube video, in which participants from “every country on Earth” competed in “Squid Game”-like elimination challenges for a chance to win $250,000. “Behind me is one person from every country
Arm, the U.K.-based chipmaker owned by Japan’s SoftBank since 2016, has filed for a Nasdaq listing under the ticker symbol “ARM,” five months after announcing it had filed confidential, preliminary IPO paperwork with U.S. regulators. The outfit didn’t provide a projected share price in its F-1 paperwork, but SoftBank recently bought the 24.99% stake in
The seminal 1987 horror film “Zepotha” is back on TikTok. Reaction videos to the film’s gory forest scenes dominate user feeds. TikTok users are digging through their parents’ wardrobes to recreate the vintage outfits from the movie. Fanart of the characters and convoluted theories about the movie’s ambiguous ending keep going viral. The tag #Zepotha