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It has a way of sneaking up on you. Credit theft and fraud.   Maybe it’s happened to you. Maybe it’s happened to a friend or family member. There’s a call from the bank, a notification in your financial app, or a charge on the statement that’s beyond explanation. Someone else has tapped into your funds.
It’s been a particularly busy and colourful week, scam-wise in our household. Between 4 family members, we’ve received almost 20 texts or emails that we’ve identified as scams. And the range was vast: from poorly written emails offering ‘must have’ shopping deals to terse text messages reprimanding us for overdue tolls plus the classic ‘Dear
Happy National App Day! No, we don’t mean apps of the mozzarella stick and potato skin variety, but your mobile apps that let you order dinner, hail a taxi, stay connected to your friends, and entertain you for hours with silly videos. While they’re undoubtedly useful, mobile apps are also a weak spot in some
Our How I Got Here series spotlights the stories of McAfee team members who have successfully grown their careers. Read more about Brenda’s McAfee’s journey, what a day in the McAfee sales team is like, and what her superpower is.​​​​​​​ Embracing opportunities When I started my professional career, I was in technology but one of the few women
Your phone is likely a daily companion, giving you access to work emails, chats with friends, weather reports, and more — all in the palm of your hand. You can also use your phone for browsing online, looking up everything from your favorite recipes to your most-read media webpages.  While being able to browse whenever
The smarts behind a smart home come from you. At least when it comes to keeping it more private and secure.  Without question, smart home devices have truly stormed the marketplace. We’ve gone from a handful of relatively straightforward things like connected lights, outlets, and cameras to a wide range of fully connected household appliances
In the spirit of #PrideMonth, McAfee hosted month-long celebrations across the world. One of these was a live event hosted by the McAfee Pride Community with a guest speaker from the Resource Center that focused on the history of Pride, support, allyship, and belonging. We took a moment to ask our event guest speaker, Leslie
In today’s connected world, you can do so much on the internet. It’s never been easier to stay entertained (Netflix, anyone?), informed, and productive. But it’s important to keep your online activities private and safe, whether you’re checking social media, using a streaming service, or banking online.   With the right solutions, you can have a
If you’re one of the countless Apple iPhone owners out there, there’s a good chance that one of the reasons you love your smartphone is because you’ve heard that Apple devices tend to have fewer vulnerabilities to viruses.   Because of their shared operating system, iOS devices enjoy Apple’s security measures, which keeps them protected from