Baillie Gifford, the Edinburgh-based asset management firm long known to have a penchant for pre-IPO tech companies, has reduced its shares in African e-commerce giant Jumia, per the latest 13G/A filing released by the asset manager. According to the filing, Baillie Gifford disclosed ownership of 18.75 million shares in Jumia, representing 13.69% of the company. In
Looking for an alternative to Twitter and thinking about joining the folks flocking to Mastodon? Here’s how the two platforms compare to each other. From restructuring their workforces to facing big fines, big tech companies have been on a roller coaster ride recently – but certainly none quite as much as Twitter. Indeed, Twitter has
As ChatGPT grows more popular among writers and creators, another group also is likely to use the technology: scammers. Currently, OpenAI, the creator of the hugely popular conversational language model, restricts some misuse of the technology — for example, preventing it from saying or doing things that could be racist. However, Microsoft — a major
A previously unknown, financially motivated North Korea state-sponsored threat actor has been observed testing several infection methods in the wild while adhering to a ‘startup’ culture mentality. The findings come from security researchers at Proofpoint, who called the group TA444 and said it has been active in its current form of targeting cryptocurrency exchanges since at
Jan 26, 2023Ravie LakshmananThreat Detection / Endpoint Security Cybersecurity researchers have unearthed a new Python-based attack campaign that leverages a Python-based remote access trojan (RAT) to gain control over compromised systems since at least August 2022. “This malware is unique in its utilization of WebSockets to avoid detection and for both command-and-control (C2) communication and
Working with, microservices-based development environments presents a unique set of testing challenges. Richard North developed an open source solution called Testcontainers in 2015 to help ease this problem for developers. Today, the open source project is used by companies like Uber, Netflix, Spotify and Capital One. North and co-founder Sergei Egorov (who was a co-maintainer
A new string of attacks against East Asian organizations has been spotted by security researchers and attributed to the threat actor known as DragonSpark. The campaign, discovered by SentinelLabs, uses the little-known open-source SparkRAT alongside malware tools to evade detection via source code interpretation techniques based on the Go programming language. “The DragonSpark attacks represent
by Paul Ducklin GoTo is a well-known brand that owns a range of products, including technologies for teleconferencing and webinars, remote access, and password management. If you’ve ever used GoTo Webinar (online meetings and seminars), GoToMyPC (connect and control someone else’s computer for management and support), or LastPass (a password manangement service), you’ve used a
Jan 25, 2023Ravie LakshmananData Breach / Remote Work Tool LastPass-owner GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) on Tuesday disclosed that unidentified threat actors were able to steal encrypted backups of some customers’ data along with an encryption key for some of those backups in a November 2022 incident. The breach, which targeted a third-party cloud storage service, impacted
Paris Heymann Contributor For the tech community, the rallying cry in 2022 was about moving from the growth-at-all-costs mindset toward emphasizing profitability. We believe that in turbulent times, startups and scaleups alike need to ensure: They have sufficient runway to ride out a downturn without relying on large amounts of external funding. They are developing
The need for cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. Given the ever-expanding roles of technology, data and AI in the enterprise, the need to protect, detect and remediate against cyber attacks is of existential importance across every sector. At the same time, organizations of all kinds are grappling with the much-discussed cybersecurity talent shortage. A
An increasing number of threat actors have started relying on the command-and-control (C2) framework Sliver as an open-source alternative to tools such as Metasploit and Cobalt Strike. Security researchers at Cybereason described the new phenomenon in an advisory published last Thursday, adding that Sliver is gaining popularity due to its modular capabilities (via Armory), cross-platform
It’s been a tumultuous time at Salesforce recently, and it’s not getting any quieter soon. The Wall Street Journal reported last night that the company now needs to deal with activist investor Elliott Management. Elliott confirmed that it has taken a multibillion stake in Salesforce, and shared this comment from Jesse Cohn, managing partner at
T-Mobile Thursday disclosed a data breach that affected approximately 37 million customer accounts. The mobile carrier said in a notification on its website that a “bad actor” used a single API to obtain personal data from customer accounts. According to the notification, there is no evidence that the threat actor breached or compromised T-Mobile’s network
Jan 23, 2023Ravie LakshmananMobile Security / Malvertising Researchers have shut down an “expansive” ad fraud scheme that spoofed more than 1,700 applications from 120 publishers and impacted roughly 11 million devices. “VASTFLUX was a malvertising attack that injected malicious JavaScript code into digital ad creatives, allowing the fraudsters to stack numerous invisible video ad players
UK postal service Royal Mail announced on January 18, 2022, that it has resumed some “limited” international shipping following the ransomware attack that hit the company on January 11. These limited services include “International Standard and International Economy letters which do not require a customs declaration” and “International Business Standard (untracked) and International Business Economy
Jan 20, 2023Ravie LakshmananCyber War / Cyber Attack The Russian state-sponsored cyber espionage group known as Gamaredon has continued its digital onslaught against Ukraine, with recent attacks leveraging the popular messaging app Telegram to strike military and law enforcement sectors in the country. “The Gamaredon group’s network infrastructure relies on multi-stage Telegram accounts for victim