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Think your email may have been hacked? Here are the signs to look for, how account takeover attacks commonly occur, and how to recover your account and avoid falling victim again Email has been with us for decades. And while social media and mobile messaging apps are increasingly popular, it remains the mainstay of our
A sea of sensors will soon influence almost everything in your world Probably for the first time in its history, CES has more sensors on the show floor than attendees. What the show lacks in physical attendees, it makes up for with the sheer volume and variety of tiny sensors that will influence almost everything
Headlines today are filled with news of the latest ransomware attacks. Individuals and companies continue to fall victim to this age-old crime — and it’s far from a new phenomenon. A problem that began with floppy disks distributed via snail mail changed with the tide as the internet and then blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies took
A leading port in the United States has successfully fended off an attempted cyber-attack, which authorities believe was sponsored by a foreign power.   Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) director Jen Easterly revealed to a Senate committee on September 23 that malicious hackers had targeted the Port of Houston in August. The 25-mile-long port complex is one
As the cyber industry continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult for organizations to stay ahead of the curve, making the ever-changing threat landscape a major concern for many businesses, according to the 2018 Travelers Risk Index published by The Travelers Indemnity Company. Evolving threats and new digital developments make cyber a top concern for large technology,
The website of Edinburgh University was still down at the time of writing after the institution suffered a major cyber-attack during its Freshers’ Week. Service provider Jisc told local reporters that it believes the university’s is the only domain affected. A spokesman told the Edinburgh Evening News that the university has “rigid measures in place”